How Free Pizza Helped Make Planet Fitness The Fastest-growing Gym Franchise In America

This is Healthbook, Apple’s major first step into health & fitness tracking


Rondeau says its all about targeting the right audience. Most healthclubs, Rondeau explains, cater to the roughly 15% of Americans who consider themselves fitness nuts and love to work out.Planet Fitness’s goal, on the other hand, is to attract the much larger percentage of peoplewho want to be healthier but may only use the gym a few times a month. “The rest of the industry is fighting over that 15%,” he says. “We’re going for the other 85%.” To accomplish this, Planet Fitness has mixed fitness with fun through itsmonthly pizza nights and a bagel breakfast on the second Tuesday of the Month.
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Fitness options multiply for the time-pressed and money-stressed

Price: Free. . Story running Runtastic Adventure app: This app’s concept is “story running,” found in four 38-minute dramatic narrated stories that have a protagonist running to or away from something: the fantasy story “Journey of Iomluath: The Tribes’ Saviour,” the motivational story “Toward the Finish Line ,” the travel story “The Globerunner: Rio’s Marvels of Life” and the adventure story “The Carrier of Truth: Beyond the Walls of Alcatraz.” Runtastic also includes normal workout and social features. Likes: Enthralling. I got so caught up in the protagonist’s escape from Alcatraz that I sometimes lost my sense of doing a workout at all.
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Scarlet Johansson SodaStream Super Bowl banned ad

Hydration tracking is critical, especially for athletes, and allows users to know how much water is in their bodies and if they need to drink more fluids. Respiratory rate is the measurement of the amount of breaths a person takes per minute. Respiratory rate data can be interpreted via the same technologies used to power the aforementioned blood oxygen level data, and there are not many known wearable devices that specialize in tracking respiratory rates currently. Sleep Tracking: Besides tracking fitness and blood-related information, Healthbook will have the ability to track sleep cycles.
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New apps, digital fitness devices keep track of your workout

This free iPhone app from Puma helps track your workout, crunching the data into an overall score. The app also helps you figure out conditions that affect your workout, and the scoring system can be motivating.

Bryant, chief science officer with the American Council on Exercise, believes fitness has taken a minimalist turn that encourages smaller venues. “From a training perspective, we’re going back to basics, away from more complex equipment,” he said. “The simpler exercise approaches of popular trends like boot camp and CrossFit and High Intensity Interval Training require less space and less sophisticated equipment.” All of which, Bryant said, lends itself to economically sized, and priced, gyms. He expects the trend to continue because the workouts are effective.
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